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A frequently occurring condition, that many times we are embarrassed to talk about. Hemorrhoids are enlarged veins that develop in the anal canal. This common condition maybe uncomfortable, but rarely poses a serious problem. However ignoring them is not the best answer since hemorrhoids never go away if left untreated. If conditions worsen, hemorrhoids can lead to certain complication such as anal fissures that can only be treated with painful surgery. More common complications include: clotting n the veins, blockage of the vein, bleeding, irritation in the rectal area and sometimes infections. 

Prolonged standing or sitting is the main cause of hemorrhoids. It is then, that a problematic combination of pressures in the blood vessels occurs in the anal area. Other causes for hemorrhoids are: pregnancy, poor intestinal health, chronic constipation, frequent diarrhea and excessive weight. Advanced stages of hemorrhoids may require surgical intervention, therefore it is important to prevent this from happening. Personal hygiene is a very important factor. But foremost the proper functioning of the intestinal system, that is restoring good peristalsis. This can be achieved by changing our eating habits and taking herbal supplements. There are many herbs and herbal combinations, which rather quickly and effectively make you feel better, and help diminish potential dangers. It is of course important to move (exercise). People working many hours in a standing or seating position, for their own good, should prevent acquiring hemorrhoids. It also concerns elderly people, as healing processes take longer.

Herbs, that can bring quick relief:

Butcher's Broom and Vari-Gone.

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