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Herbs in this formula support the female reproductive system by helping to tone the uterus and supporting circulation.
AdaptaMax uses nutrient-rich, immune-supporting herbs for a completely healthful energizing formula.
All-natural ALJ supports a healthy respiratory system. This formula is especially helpful during seasonal changes.
Our traditional formulation contains nine herbs, including lobelia, to aid in digestion and assist in gas expulsion.
Support the nervous system herbally by taking all-natural APS II with White Willow Bark.
Artemisia Combination provides effective and specific intestinal system support.
Blood Pressurex promotes optimal blood flow, supports blood pressure levels already in the normal range, and supports blood vessel and cardiovascular health.
BP-X formula helps support intestinal, digestive and hepatic health as it assists with liver, gallbladder and bowel functions.
Breast Assured supports and promotes breast health and overall reproductive health. It provides help for women going through physical and emotional changes accompanying age.
C-X formula, featuring dong quai root and a host of other terrific herbs, provides herbal support for the reproductive glands of mature women.
Help maintain your nervous and structural systems with Herbal CA. The ATC formulation is highly concentrated.