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Geranium Essential Oil has a rich floral scent that is prized for its skin-toning and nerve-soothing benefits. Certified organic.
Repair and recover with the skin-softening benefits of Helichrysum Essential Oil. This zesty, floral oil has been used to soften coarse skin and is popularly used on scars.
Evoke feelings of love and romance with the exotic and lovely floral scent of Jasmine Essential Oil. Va-voom!
Limited Supply and our next run be available soon!
Lavender Essential Oil has a relaxing and peaceful fragrance that makes it suitable for a variety of uses, including calming, relaxation and sleep. Certified organic.
Powerful and captivating, Neroli Essential Oil has nurturing and calming properties. Its floral-citrus fragrance also offers benefits to the skin when applied topically.
Roman Chamomile essential oil provides refreshing, calming and soothing properties and is helpful for people with sensitive skin.
The evocative and complex aroma of Rose Essential Oil has been a favorite for centuries. Rose is comforting and calming and promotes affection and warmth.
Balancing and calming, the exotic, sweet aroma of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil may help promote feelings of happiness and appreciation. Certified organic.