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All about Antioxidants

All about Antioxidants

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Antioxidants are the body's natural defense against free radicals. As free radicals move through the body, they react with other molecules and damage the cells they touch, resulting in health concerns that range from premature aging to abnormal cell growth and heart concerns. Antioxidants deactivate free radicals before they can damage adjacent cells. In addition to combating free radicals, antioxidants also indirectly build healthy new tissues.

No two antioxidants are exactly alike. Some are fat-soluble, some are water-soluble, some are soluble in both water and fat. Some antioxidants concentrate in the liver, while others protect the eyes or heart. Research studies show that fruits and vegetables or supplements that have high antioxidant values can produce the following health benefits:

Eye Support

Antioxidants protect the lens and macula of the eye. Antioxidants can protect the eye from sun damage that often leads to age-related macular degeneration. NSP offers Perfect Eyes and Lutein to promote eye health.

Nervous System Support

Antioxidants can help protect cell membranes from lipid peroxidation (a key step in the changes that can result in central nervous system concerns). Try Alpha Lipoic Acid and Brain Protex for these benefits.

Circulatory System Support

Stress, poor nutrition, pollution, unhealthy lifestyles and the aging process (free radicals) take their toll on the cardiovascular system. Fortunately, several antioxidants help protect heart cells and support the blood vessels. Vitamin E, Grapine®Co-Q10 and Super Antioxidant provide excellent support to cardiovascular health.

Immune System Support

Antioxidants augment the body's natural antioxidant levels, increase the body's ability to destroy foreign invaders and promote the body's ability to synthesize substances that help fight infections and inhibit abnormal cell growth. NSP Green Tea Extract and Super Antioxidant may benefit the immune system in this way.

Liver Support

Antioxidant supplementation can support liver function by protecting against oxidative damage and promoting the natural elimination of toxins. Milk Thistle is renowned for protecting the liver. Other powerful antioxidants for the liver include Alpha Lipoic Acid and N-Acetyl Cysteine.

Intestinal System Support

Antioxidant supplementation can help keep your colon healthy and clear of free radical damage. Green Tea Extract and Super Antioxidant are important antioxidants for the intestinal system.

Breast and Prostate Health

Antioxidants are excellent for protecting and supporting the breast and prostate gland. Lutein and Breast Assured support breast health, while Men's Formula and Super Supplemental Vitamins and Minerals (with lycopene) promote prostate health.

Antioxidants and ORAC 

The potency of antioxidants can be quantified by determining their Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) values. Nature's Sunshine, one of the industry's leaders in technology and product testing, has the ability to test all antioxidant products for ORAC values. These values not only allow NSP to guarantee the quality of our antioxidants, but they also help you choose the antioxidants that are right for you. However, it is important to understand that the ORAC value is just one measure of a product's value. Products with higher ORAC values may directly prevent oxidative damage as free radical scavengers, while products with lower ORAC values may exert health benefits through other avenues, such as improving blood flow or supporting the body's detoxification process.

NSP has released ORAC values for several of our leading antioxidant products.

NSP Antioxidant Product / ORAC value

Alpha Lipoic Acid / 1022

Brain Protex with Huperzine A / 418

Green Tea Extract / 11,638

Grapine® High-Potency / 2617

Milk Thistle / 4840

N-Acetyl Cysteine / 2324

Super Antioxidant / 987

*These ORAC values are expressed as micromoles of Trolox equivalents per gram of a sample

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