Spleen Activator Chinese (100 Caps)

Spleen Activator Chinese (100 Caps)

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Support digestion, circulation and immunity with this unique blend of Chinese herbs.

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  • Supports the digestive system.
  • Soothes tones and strengthens body tissues and functions.
  • Improves digestion and bowel tone.
  • Increases circulation and improves blood quality.
  • Provides immune system support.

How It Works:

When you want to restore strength to the body the best place to start is with the digestive and circulatory systems. Proper nutrient absorption and an efficient transport system allow the whole body to be more easily strengthened. The formula is based on the remarkable effects of both ginseng root and licorice root. Both are considered key glandular nutrients. Ginseng is world renowned as an anti-aging supplement and licorice aids both digestion and adrenal function. These two plants are favored more than any other in the entire Chinese herbal pharmacopoeia. Fifteen other herbs support these functions and add their own benefits to magnify or balance all others in the formula.


Ginseng root astragalus root atractylodes rhizome hoelen sclerotium dioscorea rhizome lotus seed chaenomeles fruit citrus peel galangal rhizome ginger rhizome hyacinth bean licorice root magnolia bark tang-kuei root typhonium rhizome cardamon fruit and zanthoxylum hull of seed.

Recommended Use:

Take 3 capsules with a meal three times daily.

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