Liver Balance Chinese (100 Caps)

Liver Balance Chinese (100 Caps)

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Chinese Liver Balance supports both the digestive and nervous systems while optimizing liver health. It also helps the body deal with stress and may improve well-being.

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  • Supports the hepatic digestive and nervous systems.
  • Supports the liver cleansing function.
  • May help reduce stress and restore vigor.
  • Enhances digestion.
  • May increase feelings of well-being.

How It Works:

Liver Balance is a Chinese combination designed to support the needs of a stressed wood constitution. The Chinese call this formula tiao he which can be translated to mean harmonizing. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is used to support both the digestive and nervous systems optimizing liver health and reducing stress.

Its primary herbsscute peony bupleurum and atractylodeshave been used traditionally to maintain normal nervous system function during mental stress and to support the upper digestive system during tension and distress. Bupleurum is the most important cooling herb according to Chinese herbology. It is believed to aid the upward flow of chi or the bodys living force thereby strengthening the body against stress. Other herbs support these functions in what the Chinese refer to as a wood-reducing formula.


Bupleurum root peony root without bark typhonium rhizome cinnamon twig dang gui root fushen sclerotium with root scute root zhishi fruit atractylodes rhizome ginseng root ginger rhizome and licorice root.

Recommended Use:

Take 4 capsules with a meal twice daily.

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