Solstic Revive (30 packets)

Solstic Revive (30 packets)

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This amazing electrolyte mix supports increased energy and endurance, joint and cartilage health, muscular support and much more! Simply pour it into your water bottle, shake and drink.



  • Replaces electrolytes lost through exercise or stress.
  • Supports joint and cartilage health.
  • Provides amino acids for muscular support.
  • Boosts energy and endurance.
  • Helps maintain joint health.

How It Works:

Solstic Revive replaces vital nutrientsincluding calcium magnesium sodium and potassiumlost during exercise stress exertion dehydration and malnutrition. Revive is perfect for before during and after any strenuous activity or as a refreshing beverage anytime throughout the day. Solstic Revive contains 500 mg glucosamine per serving to help support joint and cartilage health; electrolytes essential for hydration nerve and muscle function and proper pH levels; the amino acids l-carnitine l-taurine and l-glycine to facilitate muscle repair increase endurance aid general rebuilding and offer muscle and structural support; and B vitamins which help produce energy metabolize fats and proteins and benefit the nervous system.


Vitamin C vitamin E thiamin (B1) riboflavin (B2) niacin vitamin B6 vitamin B12 pantothenic acid calcium magnesium sodium potassium glucosamine fructose chicory root fiber d-ribose natural citrus sweetener sea salt natural flavors stevia leaf extract grape skin extract pomegranate fruit juice concentrate l-carnitine l-taurine and l-glycine.

Recommended Use:

Empty the contents of one Solstic Revive packet into 1416 oz. of cold water shake and enjoy! Ideal for mixing in bottled water or any container that you can close and shake.

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