Find Strength (Suppressed Anger Formula) (2 Fl Oz)

Find Strength (Suppressed Anger Formula) (2 Fl Oz)

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This flower remedy may help the body deal with occasional emotional distress and feelings of unworthiness.

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  • May assist with feelings of unworthiness.
  • May help the body with emotional strength and help deal with occasional emotional stress.

How It Works:

Flower Essences are liquid extracts developed for modern issues of emotional and physical stress.


Mariposa Lily (Calochortus leichtlinii) Pine (Pinus sylvestrus) Scarlet Monkeyflower (Mimulus cardinalis) Centaury (Centaurium erythraea) Fuschia (Fuschia magellanica) Pink Yarrow (Achillea millefolium var. rubra) Goldenrod (Solidago californica) vegetable glycerin and purified water.

Recommended Use:

Take 1015 drops under the tongue every 1015 minutes or as needed until symptoms improve. Then decrease to every 12 hours then to four times daily until symptoms are relieved. For children under 4 consult your health care professional. Avoid any contact with dropper to eliminate product contamination.

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