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Revitalize the body and ease fears with the sweet, tangy, lemon-lime scent of our organically grown Bergamot Essential Oil. If you enjoy Earl Grey tea, you already like this citrusy aroma.
Sunshine in a bottle! That’s our Lemon Essential Oil. Its clean, crisp, zesty aroma is stimulating and elevating. Use it in the kitchen or bath for extra-fresh cleaning power.
Fresh and Fruity, Lime delivers a naturally fresh aroma.
Lift your mood and energize your spirit with the fresh, tangy aroma of Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil. Nature’s perfect blend of sweet and sour, this aroma awakens the senses and brightens any room.
Find serenity. Bask in tranquility. Like a freshly peeled tangerine, Red Mandarin Essential Oil has a sweet, tangy, warm scent that evokes tranquility in both body and soul.